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For over 38 years the Leela Puppet Theatre has been introducing the age-old art form of Indian marionettes to new audiences at museums, festivals, schools, libraries, cultural fairs, private parties and events around the country.

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Educational Programs

The Leela Puppet Theatre has a full range of educational programs that can be taken to schools and other organizations such as libraries and museums. The workshops introduce students to Indian culture through an appreciation of the wonderful folk tradition of string puppetry. Similar to traditional Indian puppet shows, the performance begins with a parade of puppes accompanied by typical Rajasthani folk music. These miniature characters- such as an acrobatic horseback rider, snake charmer, and drummer- will involve the audience in the rich traditions of India. Some of the puppets are antiques collected by Mr. Gewant during his time studying marionettes at the renowned Bharatya Lok Kala Mandal Folk Museum in northern India. The rest he crafted himself.

Each workshop consists of a performance, a talk about the subject touching on its historical, cultural and geographical significance, as well as a vocabulary list, and an age-appropriate project such as the crafting your own puppet. Students are encouraged to observe the precision and skill with which the string puppets are handled, as well as recognize that every marionette is constructed to accomplish a specific feat. Written materials are also provided beforehand to prepare the participants for the presentation.

Private Events

The famed "Tarot's Street Show," featuring folk style wooden marionettes from the nomadic gypsy puppeteers of Rajasthan, India, is available for all private events. This gypsy marionette circus extravaganza features Mr. Tarot the ringmaster and a colorful array of trick marionettes including a juggler, trapeze artist, snake charmer, belly dancer, sword swallower, tightrope ballerina, the Grand Turk who enters as one puppet and mystifyingly transforms into six, a break dancer, trick horseback rider who spins around his horse with flaming torches, and so much more! Each act is choreographed to music from around the world and performed in front of a meticulously handcrafted set. 


This combination of unusual marionettes and international music will leave your audience amazed and inspired!

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