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Bea Rue

Freelance Web & Graphic Designer

Recently I began taking inventory of my life, recognizing the shifts I could make to lessen my personal consumption and impact. Since we spend a quarter of our lives working, that was certainly an area demanding attention. So I left retail and begin my career freelancing for small businesses whose higher purpose transcends profit.

I believe in employing my skills and energy to empower others working to create positive change in our world. I support too-swamped entrepreneurs by breathing life into their brands and websites, allowing them to focus on the important work at hand. At the same time, I get to nurture my own entrepreneurial spirit while being creative and building truly meaningful relationships throughout my community.

I strive to inform, delight and inspire by balancing content with design. I consider the details without losing sight of the big picture. I aim to see around corners while staying focused on the moment. I'm self directed but have over a decade of experience successfully working with teams. And while I've surely got bills to pay, I know it's my social responsibility to be selective about where I put my energy.